Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Day- Tomorrow

how are you guys holding on?
we know you can make it!
we trust you!
and today,
we sproutarians will go to war!!
the fight between physical and mentally war!!~
to carry all that furniture and things necessarily for the exhibition!~

we know,
   we know....

it will be damn tiring....

but it's okay...
it will be one of the best memories for sproutarians..
we know we can do it!
how about you?

are you sproutarians enough to sprout?

come and see us!!

it's Thursday!!! Thursday people!! 
don't forget Friday, 
8.30pm at Penang Pac, Straits Quay!!! 
it's the Opening Ceremony!! OPENING!!! 
we opening it for you people!!!
make sure to come on the opening ceremony okay!~

Saturday, 12 May 2012

T-shirt REVEAL!!~

we know this is what you have been waiting for!!~

the model is wearing S size...
chang chang!!~
yes yes yes!!~
we can hear it in your heart!~
admit it!
you want it rite!!~

yes yes please!~

so better hurry up...
we ain't got that many stocks~
it's limited...
we ain't kidding guys,
better hurry and book your Sprout's tee or regret it later!!

info about size..
S : Shoulder : 13.5 inch , Long : 26 inch
M : Shoulder : 14.5 inch , Long : 27 inch
L : Shoulder : 15.5 inch , Long : 28 inch
XL : shoulder : 16.5 inch , Long : 29 inch
XXL : shoulder : 17.5 inch , Long : 30 inch

book now at our fan page...

Take A Peek Behind The Scenes~

take a little peek behind the Rintis Sprout!~
we work hard and play hard...
of course what is work without play?!
pull pull the trolley!~
woot woot!!~
 look at the paint,
it's BLACK!!~

this should stay here..
i think it's ok already...

we should take that and put it there!
no no, it should stay here!
 a little drama!~ hahahaha~

we have a missing child here!!
anybody who know this little kid's parents please contact 010-Rintis Sprout!~

wait for more updates!!
a week left!~

Friday, 11 May 2012

[Techinical Prob]: Colour Changes

T-shirt is HERE!!~
but unfortunately there's some technical problem...
the colour that we order, 
didn't come as dark grey but instead,
very unfortunate but hey,
the T-Shirt still looks fabulous!!~
you are saying that it's our t-shirt of course it's faboulous..
but don't worry,
we will post the picture for you guys to judge it yourself...
fret not my dear...
you can re-confirm the order..
maybe you want to add 1 more t-shirt after you see the the real deal~
we are really sorry for any convenience this may cause..
as we all said,
kita hanya mampu merancang,
Tuhan yang menentukan...

wait for the pictures!!~

a week more for the sproutulicious-day!~

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Design for YOU!~

two design in one day!~
what more can you ask for!!~
one of the design actually is our flyers...
but we did a few minor changes...

if you guys notice the changes that we made,
brilliant!~ you can see even that little changes?~

and the other one is POSTER!~
a new poster!~
come on people, scream!!~

so hope you guys can enjoy them!~
here goes!~

mark the days guys!~
it's almost the time!~ 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

[information] BuS



terminal Sg. Nibong --> Airport --> Komtar --> Straits Quay (YOU REACH US!)
(every 1 hour, from 6am - 11pm)
now all you need to do is look for direction to PENANG PAC!~
Penang Pac is inside the Straits Quay~
just ask for direction you'll get there...

any information about the bus please call
CIS Centre (Bus arrival time):    +604 238 1313

don't get lost!~

Monday, 7 May 2012

Another Masterpiece!~

another Masterpieces from our beloved 
Design Department!~
*claps claps*

so people please,
stop a minute

open your eyes,

and observe this masterpiece!~
really closely...
you must open it wide and clear!~
just like that picture!~

and look at the DATE,
and circle it,
mark it,
copy it,
print it,
paste it,
memorized it,
put it all into your head~!
squish em' in!~

by all means do everything
 that you can think of,
so you remember!~ 
you have a dates with us!!~

remember to bring your friends with you!!~
and makes some noise!!!!